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New Zealand Moves Closer to Ubiquitous Ultra-Broadband
Alison Diana  
8/10/2017   9 comments
New Zealand's ambitious program to bring high-speed broadband to 99% of its population by 2025 takes another step forward – a journey many governments and providers are watching.
Comment: Re: Creativity - Alison Diana - 8/8/2017
Comment: Creativity - dcawrey - 8/7/2017
Gfast Stampede Starts in 2019 – Report
Alison Diana  
8/7/2017   9 comments
Gfast's capabilities, coupled with more hardware options, will translate into a stampede as operators increase spending on the access technology by more than 600% in 2019 versus 2017, the research firm predicts.
What Is the Future Shape of the Broadband Industry?
Niall Hunt  
8/7/2017   2 comments
A new study by the Broadband World Forum provides an insightful peek into the concerns and business priorities of all the key players that make up the broadband ecosystem.
Comment: What is affordable? - afwriter - 8/5/2017
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UK ISP Trials BT Openreach's Gfast
Alison Diana  
8/3/2017   6 comments
British ISP Cerberus Networks is testing out a new, affordable FTTP and Gfast high-speed network service for some business customers.
Comment: Re: drones - JohnDrake - 8/2/2017
Comment: Re: drones - mhhf1ve - 8/2/2017
Comment: Re: drones - JohnDrake - 8/2/2017
Comment: Re: drones - mhhf1ve - 8/2/2017
Comment: Re: drones - JohnDrake - 8/2/2017
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Service Providers Primp for Acquisition Attention
Alison Diana  
7/31/2017   14 comments
Fiber-rich operators that have deployed next-generation ultra-broadband infrastructure are often the most attractive targets for mergers and acquisitions.
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Comment: drones - JohnDrake - 7/31/2017
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Services Boost Access Vendors' Sales, Customer Relationships
Alison Diana  
7/28/2017   9 comments
Next-generation network access vendors such as ADTRAN and Calix see growing demand for their services, as operators try to cut costs, accelerate deployment and leverage their partners' technological expertise.

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A growing array of diverse services geared toward wider user bases, predictive analytics and automation add up to more pressure on service providers to ensure their networks are secure – and greater chances to sell security services to enterprise and residential customers.
Alastair Masson, head of telco media at NTT Group company NTT Data UK, discusses common challenges and opportunities tier one operators face in the move to digitization, virtualization and automation.
During ADTRAN Connect, CenturyLink EVP and CTO Aamir Hussain discussed the operator's expanding use of minimum viable product (MVP) network strategy.
Heavy Reading Principal Analyst for Wireless Data Services & LTE Gabriel Brown and Ryan McCowan, who heads up Fiber Access & Aggregation at ADTRAN, will host a webinar on 'Addressing the 5G Densification Challenge with Next-Generation PON.'
Millions of urban dwellers, including 19% of New Yorkers and 10% of Muscovites, remain unconnected to broadband due to infrastructure, business case and cost challenges.
Flash Poll
Thursday, August 17, 2017
11:00 a.m New York/ 4:00 p.m. London

5G promises connectivity 10 to 100 times faster than 4G networks, with latencies less than 1msec, making real-time applications such as tactile Internet useable over mobile networks for the first time. However, mobile operators will need to deploy ten times as many radio sites, each with highly reliable plug-and-go multi-gigabit connections, to achieve that level of performance.

In this UBB2020 webinar, Heavy Reading's Gabriel Brown and ADTRAN's Ryan McCowan will:

  1. Discuss 5G densification strategies and their network impact
  2. Outline the different requirements for backhaul and fronthaul needed to support 5G densification strategies
  3. Explore next-generation PON-fixed access technologies and software defined networking principles as emerging solutions to accelerate 5G densification
  4. Outline how NG-PON2, the next-generation multi-gigabit fiber technology, supports the x-haul (fronthaul, backhaul and crosshaul applications) requirements of 5G

The UBB2020 community has had a great first four months thanks to a market that's on the up!
Per-Olof Gustafsson, Deputy CEO at AB Stokab, the wholesale fiber access network operator in the city of Stockholm, talks about the business case ...
This informative interview with Robert Conger, AVP, ADTRAN, highlights the reasons global service providers and cable network operators are ...
BT's Head of Research & Innovation, Prof. Tim Whitley, discusses 'Purposeful Innovation' and the future of communications.
Chris Mulley, Principal Architect at ZTE's CTO Group, discusses trends and innovation in fixed broadband access.
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