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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 9/18/2017
With the release today of its next generation of Gfast chipsets, Sckipio delivers up to 2Gbit/s speeds in both downstream and upstream directions, supports up to four times as many subscribers sharing one binder and further enhances speeds through the use of 212MHz bonding for CPE and DPU.
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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 9/15/2017
Continuing its efforts to support operators' implementations of standardized, open source technologies, Broadband Forum on Thursday published a standard for distributed virtualized customer premises equipment (vCPE) and unveiled new Open Broadband projects designed to simplify cloudification of broadband networks.
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Andy Fry, Freelance Journalist, 9/15/2017
Whether they're interested in the impact of cloud, the role of big data in automation, virtualization's growing importance to ultra-broadband or the introduction of new content-basedservices, Broadband World Forum aims to send delegates home with solutions, contacts and insights.
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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 9/13/2017
Comcast plans to compete head-on against service providers like AT&T and Verizon for enterprises' service sales, leveraging its heavy investments in ultra-broadband networks and software-defined networking with today's launch of an SD-WAN service for businesses.
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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 9/12/2017
A new WiFi mesh system running on Ubee Interactive's DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems will deliver carrier-grade D3.1 whole-home WiFi when it debuts to operators worldwide in 2018, according to its vendor. That should benefit service providers offering smart-home solutions.
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Iain Morris, News Editor, 9/11/2017
Vodafone Germany plans to spend euro 2 billion ($2.4 billion) on extending gigabit services to about 13.7 million German premises in a further sign of growing infrastructure competition in Europe's biggest market.
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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 9/7/2017
Creating the next Game of Thrones or Orange is the New Black alone will not assure pay-TV providers of future success, according to a report released today by Nagra.
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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 9/7/2017
It probably comes as no surprise that many of the most populous states in the US have the greatest gigabit availability, but many might be somewhat taken aback to learn 5.25 million of Colorado's 5.5 million residents have access to 1Gbit/s broadband.
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Alison Diana, Editor, UBB2020, 8/29/2017
Comcast is using its broadband connections with residential customers as the foundation for its burgeoning smart home business.
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Thursday, August 17, 2017
11:00 a.m New York/ 4:00 p.m. London

5G promises connectivity 10 to 100 times faster than 4G networks, with latencies less than 1msec, making real-time applications such as tactile Internet useable over mobile networks for the first time. However, mobile operators will need to deploy ten times as many radio sites, each with highly reliable plug-and-go multi-gigabit connections, to achieve that level of performance.

In this UBB2020 webinar, Heavy Reading's Gabriel Brown and ADTRAN's Ryan McCowan will:

  1. Discuss 5G densification strategies and their network impact
  2. Outline the different requirements for backhaul and fronthaul needed to support 5G densification strategies
  3. Explore next-generation PON-fixed access technologies and software defined networking principles as emerging solutions to accelerate 5G densification
  4. Outline how NG-PON2, the next-generation multi-gigabit fiber technology, supports the x-haul (fronthaul, backhaul and crosshaul applications) requirements of 5G

The UBB2020 community has had a great first four months thanks to a market that's on the up!
Per-Olof Gustafsson, Deputy CEO at AB Stokab, the wholesale fiber access network operator in the city of Stockholm, talks about the business case ...
This informative interview with Robert Conger, AVP, ADTRAN, highlights the reasons global service providers and cable network operators are ...
BT's Head of Research & Innovation, Prof. Tim Whitley, discusses 'Purposeful Innovation' and the future of communications.
Chris Mulley, Principal Architect at ZTE's CTO Group, discusses trends and innovation in fixed broadband access.
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